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#SystemsThinking As a Spiritual Practice #stwg #solutionfocus #appreciativeinquiry

I think you will spend 20 seconds reading this post

I am not at all into this kind of mix between spirituality and, well, mundane things, but I must confess that this piece of blog from David Peter Stroh on Pegasus Com is well written and sounds right to the point!

Further, I see a connection with Solution Focus and Appreciative Inquiry as well. Can you feel it too?

Systems Thinking As a Spiritual Practice.

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  • I do think systems thinking, as well as Appreciative Inquiry (glad to see you making that connection) can bring up moments of spiritual feelings. Whether those feelings reflect any actual spiritual reality or not is a whole other question. I do think when people say “spiritual” they are referring to a feeling of connection with something larger than oneself or recognition of the connections between things. I just can’t make the leap from feeling it to claiming it means what I feel is what’s really out there.

  • AI is rooted into systems thinking (it’s part of the “whole-systems” change approaches, it builds on social constructionism, etc.)

    I see what you mean by connection to something larger than oneself. Thanks for commenting!

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