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Why #leadership development doesn’t mean ‘winner-take-all’! (A #solutionfocus reblog of @alankay1)

I think you will spend 30 seconds reading this post

Very nice article (as usual) from Fry The MonkeysAlan KayWhy #leadership development doesn’t mean ‘winner-take-all’!

I especially like the questions one can ask oneself (or others!):

  • Suppose my leadership capabilities got even better, what would I be doing that would be useful to others?
  • What one thing could be better about my leadership abilities?
  • In what situations does my leadership help others? What would they say they value about my leadership?
  • Suppose I was taking a leadership development course, what goals / outcomes would I be focused on? How would that be useful to my organization?


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  • Thank you Nicholas, I appreciate your posting my blog on leadership development. You cite my questions. It’s always interesting when you try asking yourself solution focused questions.

  • Hello Alan thanks for taking the time to comment here. I really like your website. I even bought the book in PDF ( which is something I rarely do! 🙂

    Now, mixing your questions with some other conversations I had, I think the word “leadership” may be replaced by “strengths” and the questions would still hold a lot, if not more. For instance, if one take the VIA character Survey (free at one can identify his/her own top 5 strengths.

    I already have leadership at #1, though thinking about using the next ones really is an exciting opportunity!

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