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Stages of Change Model (another #mindmap uploaded to @biggerplate)

June 24th, 2011 Posted in Change

I think you will spend 55 seconds reading this post

Ok, probably the last one for the day. I’ve read about that elsewhere, and then decided to convert Wikipedia entry to a mindmap. Here is it (beware, some notes are attached to some topics):

It might be a nice way to assess the change readiness of people that need to change. Of course, should the change be forced upon them, beware of the change resistance model (Kubler-Ross’) through which they might pass through.

Of course, being a good leader, you’d involve people right from the beginning and have them identify the need for change, what to change to and how to change. In which case, the mindmap I uploaded might just provide for an indicator of where your people are with respect to the change.

Should there be resistance, you could still consider “Motivational Interviewing” (more on this when I know more 🙂 :

A very nice model to have in one’s coaching toolbox…

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